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Your next step in Free Software

Sometimes the most intimidating thing about Free software is what to

do next.  My talk at Hastac 2016 tried to answer that concern.  I have
attached my slides but I hope this post will provide some help as

Free Software in the context of CUNY

CUNY is a large urban public university.  Resources are always scarce.  We have
270,000 degree seeking students across 24 campuses. The mission is educate the
diverse populations of New York City. I have been at CUNY since 2009 as a graduate
student, adjunct instructor and staff member.  Currently, I am the project
manager for the [Tech Talent Residency Program @ Queens College](

What does Free Software allow me to do

My goals like most of the people who work at CUNY allow me to amplify
the voices of the marginalized by publishing their stories. Free
Software helps me create social and economic mobility for my students
by giving them valuable skills.  I can even extend this to the group I
want to empower most, people who are formerly incarcerated and trying
to reintegrate into the labor force and society. Free software
provides the tools to run my course and to give students agency over
their own work.

Please review the slides for specific suggestions


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Thank you so much for sharing these slides, Evan! Your talks are always so inspiring, and you offer a lot of great resources here!