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FSDW15 WrapUp: Emily Kugler

The magic of deadlines continue to amaze me. I've been tinkering but not finishing a piece for a while, and because of this workshop, I can now respond to some great comments and questions.

Our group lost some people. There was just the two of us in the end, but my workshop partner/leader was so supportive and made this into a great experience.

The pre-workshop Mindfullness seminar raised so many great points about self-care and healthy writing habits (all within a feminst framework, too). I hope that discussions continues in the HASTAC group that formed because of it.

The free-write was suprisingly the most liberating part of the workshop. I ended up thinking through why I want to write about my project and what kind of questions I want to pursue. 


Thank you for a great workshop! I hope to participate in the next one.


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