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Lets hit the books

A phrase you might hear from high school or college students, “hey, want to go hit the books at the library?" also known as a hip way of saying, "hey, want to go study?" Why do we study? Ask a student and their answer might be something along the lines of I need to pass this or that. In high school, you study reviews at the end of each chapter before the test, and same for the final exams. If you don’t have a purpose to study or a reason, such as an upcoming test, then why would you? In college, it is expected that you are spending a certain number of hours per week studying, and this number pertains to the number of credit hours your class is. If college kids answered honestly, they would tell you that they don’t do nearly as much studying as they should. They will use reasons like their class load, and trying to balance a job, homework and sometimes family. So it you are supposed to study a certain amount each week wouldn’t it be easier to spend a little time each day studding what you did the day before and reviewing section by section, rather than try to tackle it with an all - nighter the night before a test? I would think so, but how many of us are actually studying right? By that I mean, are we really getting anything out of the late night cram sessions? In the article it mentions some study techniques that don’t work, some that are moderate and some highly effective techniques. Some of the highly effective techniques include things like taking practice tests. When you allow yourself to be tested, and do things from memory instead of peaking at your notes, you will get a better understanding of what you need to review more. The article also talks about how distributes practice is much more effective than cram sessions. You will more likely retain more when you review and study in short sessions. In another article it also talks about the benefits of spacing out study sessions. it also talks about repetition, some people think this is not a good way to study, but actually it can be beneficial if you repeat certain things you need to remember. Some people are hard core studiers, and some are late night cram session pros. but are you doing everything you can to benefit yourself? Studying is for your benefit, and only yours, you not studying won’t affect your lab partner or vice verso. Personally as a current college student this is something I need to work on. I believe in order to succeed you need to study, studying is a domino effect. If you don’t study, you don’t do well on your tests, you fail your classes. I think it’s time you should go hit your books. You need to go study.


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