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August 30- Twitter Chat on Online Misinformation

August 30- Twitter Chat on Online Misinformation

Dear HASTAC scholars,

Please join Alison Hedley and I for a discussion on Online Misinformation #HASTACMisinfo between noon and 3pm EST. Please follow the links for quick tips on how to participate to a twitter chat!

The series of questions we have prepared so far are the following:
Q1 What constitutes misinformation in online news?
Q2 What are the components of online news literacy?
Q3 What strategies can be used to verify online news info?
Q4 How does misinfo online impact your students? Your classroom?
Q5 Have your students expressed more interest in this topic since the term “fake news” became prominent in public discourse?Do students seem pretty online news savvy?
Q6 Do students look to instructors & uni resources for guidance, or to one another, or elsewhere?
Q7 How do you model online info literacies in the classroom? News literacy specifically?
Q8 How can we make online news outlets accountable for accuracy?  & do you encourage students to do the same? 

Please feel free to give us feedback on the questions,
and to add your insights during the chat tomorrow!

Looking forward to tweeting with you!

Twitter: @emilie_jabouin

Emilie Jabouin
Researcher & PhD student, 
Communication and Culture, Ryerson/York University
HASTAC Scholar 2016-2018


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