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Twitter at NCCU

Twitter is growing rapidly in the academic setting of N.C. Central University. Keeping up with technology in these fast-paced times is significant and since fall 2009, NCCU has been looking for ways to incorporate Twitter into the academic realm. "Twitter is a resource for students and staff to network, share information, and learn," said David Kroll, professor and chair of pharmaceutical sciences. "It's different from Facebook and Myspace because the people who use it are mostly above 25 and educated professionals," said Kroll. Reecently, a panel of six NCCU faculty and staff members including one student discussed how Twitter is being used on campus.In NCCU's Media Issues class students are using Twitter to practice professional communication in social media. After each presentation, students are required to "tweet" their comments on what was presented."Students also must follow three professionals and their companies throughout the semester," said Charmaine McKissick-Melton, associate professor of English and mass communications. "This form of communication allows for students to gain insight into a professional in the field and their company."  In the education building, Chad Royal, assistant professor of education, uses Twitter to get information out to students in the quickest possible manner. "E-mails don't get to students as fast as Twitter," said Royal. "Students get the information right to their phone and can respond right away." NCCU's Orientation team uses social media like Facebook and Twitter to ease the transition of incoming freshmen into college life. "It continues a sense of community way after orientation is over," said Brian Meritt, the associate director of orientation and the 1st Year Experience. Needless to say, students are enjoying the NCCU's next step into the 21st century. "You can multi-task on a whole other level with Twitter," said Jolanda Kindell, the mass communications senior who represented the student body on the Twitter panel. Kindell has been using Twitter for over a year and is also in the Media Issues class. "It opens a new channel of communication," she said. "It improves access to people that have information." "It's crowd sourcing in real time," said Kindell. "You can tweet a question and in a matter of minutes have an answer from people all over the world." During the panel meeting, Royal discussed the chancellor's plea that cell phones be banned from classrooms. Since Twitter, Royal has taken a different stand. "Limiting cell phones is throwing the baby out with the bath water," said Royal. "You just have to have perspective on how it's being used in the classroom." If you want to follow NCCU's tweets sign up at




Hi Ashley - I'm an NCCU grad (political science/pre-law) so it's nice to see you here!  (Also a Duke grad.)  Glad to see you representing!


Thanks Dante, there is a lot going on at NCCU this year and I am really excited!