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Introduction for Christy Wenger

Hello, all! I'm Christy Wenger, an Assistant Professor of English, Rhetoric and Composition at Shepherd University, where I also direct the writing program.

To date, my research has been invested in bringing contemplative education, the globalized learning movement that focuses on holistic learning and integrating contemplative practices like yoga and meditation into higher education's curricula. I'm interested in both the theoretical consequences of rethinking feminist rhetorics through Eastern contemplative philosophy and the pedagogical consequences of integrating contemplative practice into writing and rhetoric classrooms.

In addition to serving as a group leader, I'd like to workshop the early stages of an article that explores how I have used contemplative pedagogy in my upper-division advanced composition classes for the past three years. This class introduced students to the contemplative practices of yoga, meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction while also using the methods and media of multimodal composition. It's my contention in this paper that the digital and the contemplative can and should support each other in our writing classes. I'd like to use the group to get feedback to revise the paper for a venue such as Computers and Composition.

My email (the best way to get me) is Looking forward to working with you!



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Hi Christy,

Welcome to the workshop!

I'm fascinated by your research. Last summer I read Royster and Kirsch's book Feminist Rhetorical Practices and was interested in their notion of strategic contemplation as a research method/methodology. Is your focus on contemplative pedagogy similar?


Lori Beth