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Hello Fellow Scholars

Hi everyone! My name is Liz Lieutenant. I'm a graduate student at The Catholic University of America pursuing a MS in Library and Information Science (LIS).

My academic coursework has focused on academic library instruction, critical and socio-cultural theories (particularly critical pedagogy), higher education systems, and research methods. I have actively pursued opportunities to align my degree plan with the interdisciplinary nature of the LIS field. As one example, I've pursued two cognate courses in Social Work and Sociology: Community Organizing for Equitable Development and Advanced Sociology of Education, respectively.

My scholarship focuses on critical approaches to LIS education. Specifically, I am interested in investigating how higher education structures, such as outcomes assessment, continuous improvement processes, and accreditation activities, can be used to promote reflective praxis, educational equity, student agency, and organizational change. I am concluding a study on LIS student engagement in systematic program planning, and look forward to sharing my various research outputs (e.g. conference papers, posters) with the HASTAC community.

My primary interest in the HASTAC Scholar program is to participate in the year-long partnership between HASTAC and the Futures Institute: The University Worth Fighting For. This initiative, which seeks to promote social justice and academic institutional change through student-centered learning and engaging pedagogy, deeply aligns with my interests and values. I look forward to engaging in the series of webinars and online discussions organized around this partnership.

In keeping with HASTAC’s collaborative nature, I have discussed the possibility of collaboratively organizing an event with other LIS students at Catholic to coincide with the Libraries & Presses theme, slated for the month of February 2016. This type of event would be an excellent opportunity to engage in student-initiated dialectic reflection on the future of the LIS professions, our simultaneous roles as students, teachers, and learnings, and how to transform our praxis and institutions to better meet the needs of our communities.

Sincerest thanks to HASTAC for providing me this opportunity to participate in the Scholars program!



Hi, Liz -- so nice to hear from you! Glad to hear that you are interested in The University Worth Fighting For -- we would love to hear your voice on the upcoming Twitter feeds, Google Docs and forums -- we will be tweeting these resources out @HASTAC and @FuturesEd. You may be particularly interested in the Friday, February 5 session -- Ideas in Circulation: Libraries, Presses, Platforms. Would you be interested in co-hosting that forum?


Hi Lisa,

Apologies for the belated response! I'm still learning the ropes of HASTAC and just saw your response. Teaching the Humanities as a Survival Skill has been an excellent introduction to HASTAC's diverse and engaging intellectual community.

Our student organization has expressed interest in hosting a collaboratorive event to coincide with the University Worth Fighting For's February 2016 theme. Co-hosting the discussion forum would be an excellent compliment to this event... and may even incentivize some of my fellow students to join HASTAC!

- Liz