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Social Media Savvy

Social Media Savvy

This past week I learned how to represent texts digitally using TEI. We used, as our example, the text of Hamlet- a tragic story of murder and revenge. There are few parallels between my research project and an analysis of Hamlet. Yet, I do seek to capture and analyze a story. In my project that story is the experiences of teachers who engage their students in service-learning- important because is counters the discourse surrounding teaching that is itself a tragic story of devaluing and disenabling the profession. My project pulls from observation and interview data, as well as text including lesson plans, professional development materials, and social media. Temple Digital Scholars has introduced me to TEI and Voyant- a tool for analyzing digital text- and I am beginning to see that if I look at social media as a text with a story, characters, and message I have ample strategies to analyze my data. However, my project asks a broader research question that will be answered by triangulating findings from artifact, interview, and observation data. This leads me to ask other digital scholars for help. I need to find and review other projects that have included data from social media to answer questions such as:

How have others chosen to limit their data so that it is manageable (has their analysis gone back 1 year? Have they scraped data starting from the date that their observations and interviews began?)  

Have they chosen to analyze interactions? The prevalence of words and/or concepts?

Have they coded their data for concepts and broader themes? How did images fit into this coding?

I need to learn from other researchers’ social media savvy! 


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