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DíaHD (A DayofDH in Spanish and Portuguese)

DíaHD (A DayofDH in Spanish and Portuguese)

On Monday June 10, I had the chance to participate in DiaHD, the first DayofDH in Spanish and Portuguese masterly organized by FFyL UNAM and RedHD in Mexico, HDH in Spain, FCSH in Portugal and USP in Brazil.

Due to a series of lucky coincidences, I was able to devote most of my day to actively participate not just posting about my work and research, but also reading and commenting on others' blogs. As it usually happens during DayofDH, I got exposed to many wonderful and motivating projects really showing the scope of the HD field. Seeing all the activity going on before that day, on the day, and still a few days afterwards it has become evident to everyone involved that it is, indeed, a good time for HD. As we are, literally, getting to know each other, it seems like the perfect time to know more about the field in these languages. Out of the 95+ blogs active during DíaHD, few things have started to be very evident: 1) The need for documentation and keeping records of what goes on – conferences, projects, collaborations, etc. 2) HD is being carried out in many geographies where these are not the official languages, and 3) Even though there are some clusters where there is more HD activity, the HD community seems to be quite dispersed.

Getting to know who we are, where we are and what we're doing will surely foster a stronger sense of community and luckily more collaboration. To that end, my colleague Silvia Gutierrez and myself are compiling #MapaHD a small database of individual digital humanists working on Spanish and Portuguese language projects. Out of it we plan to map the network and offer a first panoramic view of the HD community.

Want to know more about #MapaHD or participate in the survey?



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