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Planning, Maintaining, and/or Revitalizing Digital Projects: a DH@Guelph Summer Workshop (early birds register by 4/1!)

comic in four panels. panel 1: woman says "ahh i'm so bad at estimating how long projects will take." panel 2: second woman responds "dont panic, there's a simple trick for that: take your most realistic estimate and double it" third panel: woman continues "now double it again, add five minutes. double it a third time." fourth panel: woman continues, as first women runs away screaming "30 seconds have gone by and you've done nothing. you're making no progress and will never finish. panic!"

Join Laura Estill and Liz Grumbach at the University of Guelph this summer (May 14-17th) for a 4-day workshop on "Planning, Maintaining, and/or Revitalizing Digital Projects"!

Early-bird registration ends April 1st!

DH @ Guelph offers a diverse selection of 4-day workshops over the summer. Interested in learning more about text encoding, augmented reality, geospatial humanities, or digital storytelling (and more!)? Check out the full workshop offerings at the DH@Guelph Summer Workshops site! 

Planning, Maintaining, and/or Revitalizing Digital Projects

w/ Laura Estill and Liz Grumbach

Helping Digital Humanists create well-designed projects and suggesting how these projects can reach their audience and meet their needs should be a hallmark of digital training--but, as the premature failure of so many digital projects attests, it is not. While this course can not guarantee the success of a digital project, it can work to allay so many of the common pitfalls digital projects face.  

Rather than offering a prescriptive “best practices” model of digital project management with one-size-fits all directives, this course will take a “teaching to fish” approach: participants will be encouraged to explore possible pathways for their projects in order to make informed decisions. Based on our experiences creating, managing, and inheriting digital projects, we will focus this course on the “nuts and bolts” of creating, running, and/or revamping a digital project. Topics covered will include: the ethics of working with students, stakeholders and collaborations, digital management plans (DMPs), workflow management systems, and the importance of a digital presence.

This course is oriented towards those planning a digital project, who have a digital project underway, or who have a digital project in need of an overhaul. Indeed, the discussion and hands-on nature of this course will help participants learn from each other's experiences. We encourage participants to come to DH@Guelph with a clear idea of their digital project (intended or otherwise).

Featured image thanks to xkcd's comic on "Estimating Time."

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