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#SouthwesternDH at DHU3

#SouthwesternDH at DHU3

This coming weekend, I'll be joining four of my inspiring colleagues to present at the 3rd Utah Symposium on Digital Humanities. Our featured panel will be taking place on Friday, February 23rd at Utah State University - for more information about the event, see the Conference website or the Conference schedule (it looks like a fantastic weekend with #SouthwesternDH colleagues!). 

Thank you to our colleagues in Utah for making this conversation possible.

Our featured panel will be on "Elaborating and Advancing #SouthwesternDH: An Interactive Organizing Panel." Importantly, if you can't join in person, you can join the discussion in three ways:

  • Follow along in the collaborative Google Document we will be creating during the panel.
  • Have a #SouthwesternDH or #usLdh project? Add it to the collaborative list that the Recovering the US Hispanic Literary Heritage project and HASTAC are compiling.
  • Interact with the conference via the Twitter hashtag #DHUtah.

Our full abstract for the panel is below, and after the event, we hope to produce a final version of our brainstorming document that will allow us to develop deeper regional networks to elaborate and advance our distinctive southwestern approaches to DH.

More soon, HASTAC! 

Elaborating and Advancing #SouthwesternDH: An Interactive Organizing Panel

Gabriela Baeza Ventura, Executive editor of Arte Publico Press
Caronina A. Villarroel, Director of Research at Recovery
Lorena Gauthereau, CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow
Jacqueline Wernimont, Nexus ASU and co-Director, HASTAC
Elizabeth Grumbach, Nexus ASU and HASTAC, Director of Digital Content and Special Programs

Our interactive panel is designed to focus on emerging regional alliances and future regional collaborations. Now in its third year, the Utah Symposium on the Digital Humanities has drawn together digital scholars of the southwest and beyond, and our panel proposes to harness this regional energy to enhance existing networks. We will begin with details about the regional and thematic alliance developed by the new University of Houston’s Latina/o Digital Humanities Center and the newly configured ASU Nexus Digital Research Co-op - an alliance that has begun organizing using the #SouthwesternDH hashtag.

Following introductory comments, our panel will facilitate a discussion with our participating audience on the needs of a #SouthwesternDH community, collaboratively document the conversation, and share that document with symposium attendees and beyond.

Other participatory discussions may include methods of sharing resources and goals, models of existing regional and thematic alliances, academic infrastructures that both support and hinder cross-institutional collaboration, and community archives, activism, and collaboration across institutional and physical borders.

Developing regional relationships allows us to elaborate and advance our distinctive southwestern approaches to DH, which includes our shared interests in critical race and gender studies, borderland and border theories, justice within multiple and overlapping sovereign spaces, and hybridized and resistant technology and art practices. In developing a regional coalition our interactive panel engages the symposium theme both theoretically and in embodied representation - we are foregrounding the work of traditionally underrepresented peoples and knowledge systems, including those who are not well represented by traditional “centers” on the eastern and western coasts of North America.

This panel builds on several recent developments in #SouthwesternDH including:

  • The 2017 Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant awarded to the University of Houston to establish the first digital humanities center to specialize in Latinx Studies.
  • The collaboration between the Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project (Recovery) and Arte Público Press at the University of Houston to create new opportunities for the digital publication of Latinx scholarship and projects.
  • Arizona State University’s new role as the co-institutional hub for HASTAC, the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory.

We began developing #SouthwesternDH at the 2017 Digital Frontiers conference in Texas. Our hope is that the proposed interactive panel will create a forum in which we can share ideas and scholarship to build on and support efforts already underway in other southwestern locations, including the DH communities at Utah, Utah State, and UNLV, as well as allied groups like those in media archeology at CU Boulder.

Photo Andrew Preble on Unsplash

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