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Hello from Elise Chenier

I am a highly distracted assoc prof at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia and am beginning to work through a book manuscript on same-sex marriage in the US, 1950-1980. I am looking forward to reading your work, to sharing a chapter of my own, and especially to the accountability that such a group imposes! 



Nice to meet you both. I am working on my chapter as we speak but am using this group to get me motivated to produce. A finished draft is a ways off yet, so what you'll get is an update on what I've accomplished. I am pleased to read your drafts, however, and look forward to it! Thanks, too for the encouragement. It's aways welcome.


I'm very excited to read your work, Elise!



Looking forward to working with you in our group!


After beating myself over my constant state of overwhelm, I would like adopt "highly distracted" as a much more positive and optimistic self-descriptor. Wonderful turn of phrase!