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New iteration of badge design

New iteration of badge design


This past weekend the Stage 3 Earthworks Badges collaborators from Digital Watershed and Ohio State University had their first meeting to review the outcomes of our May advisory meeting.  That meeting solicited insights for the focus of the badge from our Native American Advisory Team. 


The sample badge designed by Tim Desley and presented during the February conference underwent another iteration of refinement based upon the vision of our advisory team.  This iteration included the reorientation of the four segments of the medicine wheel and included further discussion on the means behind each of those segments and how they might relate to the “strands” envisioned for the badge.  


Strands are those areas of exploration each earner can choose within this dynamic badge.  Each segment of the badge may include several strands, though our prototype will include just one strand for the presented prototype in the Spring.


We consider this a work in progress as opposed to a finished design, so you will see further iterations of this as the grant period continues! 






EARTHWORKS:  An Interactive Badge System that provides a gateway/portal to engaged learning and knowledge about the Native American Mounds in North America


The development of the EARTHWORKS Interactive Badge System is a collaboration between Ohio State University, Digital Watershed and a large team of Native American Advisors and Educators.  This project has been funded by the Digital Media + Learning Competition BADGES FOR LIFELONG LEARNING directed by the HASTAC INITIATIVE collaborating with mozilla and supported by the MacArthur Foundation. 



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