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Exploration of interactivity within a badge to show "strands" available and "strands" earned.

Exploration of interactivity within a badge to show "strands" available and "strands" earned.


Pictured here is a suggestion of how the badge itself might contain interactive media to describe the strands and examples of creative “offerings” that earners can submit to earn their strand.  Don't hold us to this ;-) There will be many more iterations.


In the first row, clicking on a segment of the badge elicits an animation of the segment to reveal the strands associated with it.  Each segment has very specific means to the Native American community.  Revealed are the different strands and links to the Earthworks Badges Web Site for deeper information on the strands.  Sample images of offerings created by earners are depicted in the badge.


The second row depicts the outcome of clicking on an already earned strand.  It includes presentation of the strand title created by the earner as well as other brief information and a URL link to the user’s blog which contains the full offering.  Each creative offering is curated by 3 mentors including at least one Native American mentor.  Collaboratively, they determine if the offering is sufficient to garner a strand.



EARTHWORKS:  An Interactive Badge System that provides a gateway/portal to engaged learning and knowledge about the Native American Mounds in North America


The development of the EARTHWORKS Interactive Badge System is a collaboration between Ohio State University, Digital Watershed and a large team of Native American Advisors and Educators.  This project has been funded by the Digital Media + Learning Competition BADGES FOR LIFELONG LEARNING directed by the HASTAC INITIATIVE collaborating with mozilla and supported by the MacArthur Foundation. 


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