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Concept of relationship between interactive badge and our main Earthworks Badges Web site

Concept of relationship between interactive badge and our main Earthworks Badges Web site


This preliminary image depicts a concept map of how the badging system might work. There are a lot of things to consider, especially how this can be incorporated with the Mozzilla Open Badge Infrastructure. 


It is a work in progress, but the creative team composed of Gary Leatherman, Leslie Kratz, Greg Daigle and Project Manager Michelle Aubrecht will be spending a lot of time discussing the particulars of how the imagined functionality can be realized given the limitations of the Internet, social media, and safe, online sharing options. 


It was a very productive time and we have some really strong ideas on interactivity and functionality that could provide truly new ways of engaging learners and creating a safe online, self-regulating, participatory community of learners that will make a significance difference in people's lives and make the world a better place.



EARTHWORKS:  An Interactive Badge System that provides a gateway/portal to engaged learning and knowledge about the Native American Mounds in North America


The development of the EARTHWORKS Interactive Badge System is a collaboration between Ohio State University, Digital Watershed and a large team of Native American Advisors and Educators.  This project has been funded by the Digital Media + Learning Competition BADGES FOR LIFELONG LEARNING directed by the HASTAC INITIATIVE collaborating with mozilla and supported by the MacArthur Foundation.


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All the best to you!  May innovation continue to strenghten your passion as we cheer and applaud your team's effort and giving of personal time to create an informal, 'learning' space to shift away from the 4-walled room, 'schooling' class.

We need to 'let go' of old tools and embrace the new.  Thank you!

Sitting in the cheering section,