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Communicating earned "strands" within a badge

Communicating earned "strands" within a badge


This preliminary image depicts four segments that will be within the badge (Earth, Awe, Sovereignty, and Connections) using a traditional medicine wheel design as a basis for the segments.  Within each segment of the badge there will be multiple strands to earn. For the purposes of this prototype, we will be developing only one strand per segment. The image also includes the visual concept of how a sweet grass braid outside of each of the four segments of the badge will indicate that the learner has earned a badge strand. This was an idea from the Native American Advisory team. 


To better understand the content from the Native American Advisory team, Ruth Voights from Digital Watershed came to several of our meetings to clarify and help us to understand the Native American perspectives proposed.  Christine Ballengee-Morris from OSU also attended on Saturday to teach us about the medicine wheel and help us understand the visual symbology of the medicine wheel and how it might be reflected in the badge design.  Also attending was Tim Desley from Digital Watershed.


In this way, the integrity of the Native American content is protected and clearly communicated. This process is very gratifying because it is ensuring that the Native American content be authentic and that the authenticity is accurately communicated to those who are non-native people.  These are early representations with several iterations on the badge (and sweetgrass) to come.






EARTHWORKS:  An Interactive Badge System that provides a gateway/portal to engaged learning and knowledge about the Native American Mounds in North America


The development of the EARTHWORKS Interactive Badge System is a collaboration between Ohio State University, Digital Watershed and a large team of Native American Advisors and Educators.  This project has been funded by the Digital Media + Learning Competition BADGES FOR LIFELONG LEARNING directed by the HASTAC INITIATIVE collaborating with mozilla and supported by the MacArthur Foundation.


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