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Hybrid Pedagogy and Trinket are teaming up to support a free, interactive Music textbook.

Music is a great example of a traditional discipline that is poised to benefit hugely from digital teaching tools.  Hybrid Pedagogy Publishing and Trinket are teaming up to support Music Theory Professor Kris Shaffer to write and give away a free, interactive music textbook.  By interactive I mean that students will be able to write and play music right in the examples of the textbook itself.  There's an Indiegogo campaign of $5,000 that's intended to help Kris spend 100% of this time on this over the summer.  Check it out:


$5,000 for a forever free, interactive, hackable textbook.  That's 1,000 of us giving $5 instead of buying a latte.  Let's make this happen!  Trinket is matching the first $2,500 in donations dollar-for-dollar.  If we exceed Kris's goal, he'll be able to convene several other professors to work together, improve, and extend the textbook.


We're hoping we can learn a thing or two about the future of educational publishing in the process.




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