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How to Coach Yourself Through Online Learning

By: Tiffhany Dudley, Marcia L Hatchett, and Doree Watkins

Through the Coaching and Consulting course we learned to accept the things we cannot change and plan well to receive great outcomes.  We learned to empower each other, as well as rely on one anther.  Though we faced many obstacles, we stayed in contact, and remained honest.  The collaboration process taught us how to utilize multiple perspectives .  The experience in a whole helped all of us mature  and grow in more ways than one. Yes it is hard to collaborate with others and even harder to do it theough online learning.  As a coach, in a group, one must learn to:

  • be proactive
  • effectively communicate
  • have and open-mind
  • be empathetic to each members situation
  • self-motivate

Please look at the youtube link below to get a more depth explination about "How to Coach Yourself through Online Collaboration."


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