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Filming for "Online Games" MOOC Begins in Nashville at Vanderbilt University

Dear HASTAC Community, 

Filming for Coursera's "Online Games: Literature, New Media, and Narrative" MOOC is now underway at Vanderbilt's Curb Center for Art, Entererprise and Public Policy, just off music row in Nashville. I'm proud to be lead TA and one of five Vanderbilt graduate students working on this exciting project. The course, taught by Jay Clayton, will cover remediation, questing, the history of romance, space and time in virtual narratives, and other interesting topics. The 7-week course will break down as follows: 

Week 1: Game on!  The history and theory of MMOs


Week 2: LOTRO and Tolkien's Ring Cycle

Week 3: Gaming and the romance tradition

Week 4: The Fellowship of the Ring: Novel, Film, Game

Week 5: Pwning Spenser’s Faerie Queene

Week 6: Space and time in virtual narratives

Week 7: The Holy Grail: A good end game

If you're interested in remediation, narrative theory, or simply love video games, consider enrolling in this free class. We go live in July! Here's thel link to the Coursera page:

Please write to me if you have any questions about the course. I hope to see many of you in the forums and possibly even adventure with you online. I can be best reached at





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