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Digital Rights of Children | DML Trust Challenge Webinar

During this Trust Challenge webinar, special guests Monica Bulger, education researcher at Data & Society, and Sonia Livingstone, professor of Social Psychology and former head of the Department of Media and Communications at the London School of Economics and Political Science, talked with Sheryl Grant about the digital rights of children.

Monica and Sonia co-authored: A Global Agenda for Children’s Rights in the Digital Age 

“...when harnessed appropriately – digital tools can help promote human development, by closing gaps in access to information, speeding up service delivery, supporting educational and health outcomes, and creating new entrepreneurship opportunities. The power of technology to jump across borders and time zones, to join the once disparate, and to foster social connectedness, has provided the means for the children and young people of today to participate in a global society in ways previously not possible. Sadly, there are also new or evolving risks – exposure to violence; access to inappropriate content, goods and services; concerns about excessive use; and issues of data protection and privacy. As it becomes increasingly difficult to draw the line between offline and online, it is necessary for us to examine how this changing environment impacts the wellbeing and development of children and their rights.”

To watch the recorded version of this webinar, click here


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