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From Black Cloud to Aclima: Wrapping the World in Environmental Data

From Black Cloud to Aclima: Wrapping the World in Environmental Data

In this webinar, Greg Niemeyer and Davida Herzl discuss the origin story of Aclima (née Black Cloud) and the transformation from a project that was philanthropically funded into a sensor network company with large-scale market potential. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or a reluctant entrepreneur, this is a compelling conversation not only in terms of what Aclima is setting out to do (wrap the world in environmental data), but in how an innovative idea can go to scale. Aclima is currently mapping the indoor and outdoor environment across Google's building portfolio, with big plans to come, and a partnership with the EPA. Read more about at:

The Digital Media and Learning Competion funded Black Cloud, an environmental studies game that mixed the physical with the virtual to engage high school students in Los Angeles, in 2008. Teams role-played as either real estate developers or environmentalists using actual air quality sensors hidden through the city to monitor neighborhood pollution. Combining scientific data with human experiences, students collaborate, share and analyze their findings, including working cross-culturally between cities. 

The audio recording of this webinar can be accessed here.


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