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RyeCatcher Family Trust Network Design Workshop Exercise

RyeCatcher Family Trust Network Design Workshop Exercise

In preparation for our DML V Trust Challenge Workshop held at DML 2015 Conference, we asked grantees to answer three questions that we planned to workshop as part of a larger design exercise. The following represent the questions and answers provided by Family Trust Network.

1. How does your project change or contribute to the narrative around trust in the larger conversation?

The Family Trust Network is a platform that will put the family and student at the center of the network. It will empower families to understand and provide consent to the full scope of people, organizations, services, online networks, and other caregivers that are working with their children. It will put the learner at the center of the network, and give the learner the opportunity to bring together the various different learning experiences that are a part of their lives. The interactive tools and intervention-at-home action plans and resources will give parents and families a way into the process, and enable them to support, interact with, and positively empower their children to become a more active part of the learning experience.  

2. What challenges do you foresee as you implement your project, and what might others in the DML community be able to offer in the way of support or solutions?

There are a few key challenges for the project, and the work in Trust in education, in general:

Building a solution that people really need. We are trying to figure out how technology can support and empower parents, families and students. Its not always a tech problem or solution that we need. We have found in our work over the past two years that fidelity of implementation due to difficulties of technology fitting into the daily work flow is a critical problem for adoption and effective use of the solution.

Getting the word out and sharing the solution with others is always a key challenge. The more people use the platform to connect and compile learning experiences, the better our understanding of what works will be.

Funding and advisory support for scalability and sustainability. In this nascent field, we need advise and counsel from experts in the technology, education, and other fields that have a significant trust component, e.g. healthcare, to ensure we are developing solutions that are effective, valid, scalable, and sustainable. These advisors could suggest partnerships, collaborators, and assist in planning for strategic growth.

3. What do you foresee the impact of your project will be once it is implemented (particularly in terms of the conversation around trust)?

Our project seeks to develop a Community of Trust in education. To do so, we will work on building the key artifacts that would be helpful in expanding the larger conversation around trust. We will build a platform, info-graphic and case study of the work. We will release an Open Source version of the platform that is easy to use for developers and educators. We seek partnerships with organizations that can utilize our services, in particular, those who would be able to undertake an iterative design approach so we can thoughtfully design and develop a solution that supports an ecosystem in education that is characterized by trust, privacy, and collaboration.



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