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Gooru Trust Lab Design Workshop Exercise

Gooru Trust Lab Design Workshop Exercise

In preparation for our DML V Trust Challenge Workshop held at DML 2015 Conference, we asked grantees to answer three questions that we planned to workshop as part of a larger design exercise. The following represent the questions and answers provided by Gooru Trust Lab.

1. How does your project change or contribute to the narrative around trust in the larger conversation?

The conversation is now amongst educators, learners, parents, and supporters, with the learner’s need in the center. Students have a voice & a seat at the table to determine how they learn best. Admin, teachers, parents input to actually implement safe practices online with students and guide education of digital citizenship.

2. What challenges do you foresee as you implement your project, and what might others in the DML community be able to offer in the way of support or solutions?

Safe and social: How do we devise a safe and engaging learning environment that includes opportunities for beneficial social interactions? Currently, there are no great examples for social learning online.

Balancing act: How do we support teachers as they trust students to learn on their own? How do they strike a good balance between letting students explore on their own and providing limits/guidelines for safety?

Keeping up: How do we continually guide and support the education of safety and digital citizenship through grade levels as online social interactions, environments, and learning change? Students change year to year; we have to keep up with them with versatile solutions.

3. What do you foresee the impact of your project will be once it is implemented (particularly in terms of the conversation around trust)?

The Pilot Program

  • Students at Lakeside MS in VVUSD safely create and publish collections around digital citizenship and interest-driven topics
  • Larger awareness campaign in Val Verde district around digital citizenship using student-created collections
    • Students earn “digital driver’s license
    • Parent trainings in English and Spanish as well as additional classes throughout the year
    • Administrators exposed to digital citizenship collections and projects at principals’ meetings
    • District-wide awareness through district app

Product improvements

  • Improving Gooru to be a safe learning & creating environment students
  • Larger Gooru community can use new product features to empower student contributors
  • We’ll share the VVUSD story as a guideline for classroom/district initiatives

Sharing our approach

  • Of including students, parents, all stakeholders in devising a solution and fostering safety, an approach that we hope other edtech organizations and solutions will adopt



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