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Digital Literacy Toolkit Design Workshop Exercise

Digital Literacy Toolkit Design Workshop Exercise

In preparation for our DML V Trust Challenge Workshop held at DML 2015 Conference, we asked grantees to answer three questions that we planned to workshop as part of a larger design exercise. The following represent the questions and answers provided by Digital Literacy Toolkit.

1. How does your project change or contribute to the narrative around trust in the larger conversation?

To build and support trust in connected learning environments, we must empower learners, caregivers, and educators with the knowledge and skills to minimize and manage risks online. Our goal is that the resources we create in the “Digital Literacy Toolkit” will equip these stakeholders with some of the necessary tools to advocate on behalf of the learner, as well as to increase trust between educators and families.

2. What challenges do you foresee as you implement your project, and what might others in the DML community be able to offer in the way of support or solutions?

One challenge we foresee is increasing the implementation of our resources when they are released - we would be extremely grateful to the DML community if they could help us get the word out. Additionally, we’d love to talk to others in the community about what kinds of legal resources and needs they face.

3. What do you foresee the impact of your project will be once it is implemented (particularly in terms of the conversation around trust)?

Once it is implemented, our project’s foreseeable impact is that our resources will support the voices of stakeholders (families, educators, and young people) who are not heard often enough in the conversation around trust.



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