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MediaBreaker Learning Pathways Design Workshop

MediaBreaker Learning Pathways Design Workshop

In preparation for our DML V Trust Challenge Workshop held at DML 2015 Conference, we asked grantees to answer three questions that we planned to workshop as part of a larger design exercise. The following represent the questions and answers provided by MediaBreaker.

How does your project change or contribute to the narrative around trust in the larger conversation?

Our project contributes to the larger discussion about trust by providing a safe space to experiment with fair use and the decorporatizion/deconstruction of media messages. Our project will also help teachers and students understand and practice fair use, as well as understand the difference between criticism and snark.

What challenges do you foresee as you implement your project, and what might others in the DML community be able to offer in the way of support or solutions?

Major challenges include scale and adoption. How do we create and grow a tool designed for novices in the cloud, and how do we get people to adopt/integrate it.

What do you foresee the impact of your project will be once it is implemented (particularly in terms of the conversation around trust)?

Our predicted/intended impact is for educators to have increased confidence in using copyrighted material in their classrooms, thereby opening up more tools for engagement and 21st-century education.

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