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Congratulations and good luck to all of our Trust Challenge applicants!

Congratulations and good luck to all of our Trust Challenge applicants!

Congratulations and good luck to all of our Trust Challenge applicants! On November 3, 150 applicants from over 20 countries hit the deadline for the closing of HASTAC's 5th Digital Media and Learning Competition and will find out December 4, 2014 if they advance to the next stage. Successful applications will be displayed on, and peers, colleagues, fans, and anyone interested in the Trust Challenge can comment and vote on favorite ideas until December 19.  

The Challenge’s website will provide a link and instructions for public voting. Be sure to follow the Trust Challenge on @dmlcomp with #dmltrust for updates. 

Public comments

The commenting system exists to promote dialog for all. Public comments may be considered by the judging panel, however judges are not obligated to take into account any or all comments on an application. Public comments are meant to promote dialog, in addition to being a general indication of public interest in any given proposal. Public votes and public comments may be taken into consideration by the judging panel during the formal private judging process, but will not guarantee that a project will or will not be awarded a development grant. However, the three finalist proposals that receive the most public votes will be awarded a “People’s Choice Award.” These small grants will be up to $5,000 and must be used specifically for approved technology purchases for the applying organization/institution.

Public voting

Voting will be restricted to one vote per internet protocol address. Internet accessible devices use an Internet Protocol (IP) address when accessing the internet. Each IP address representing a device may vote for each application once. A single IP may give support in the form of votes to multiple projects, but can not vote multiple times for a single project. The IP address is recorded for each vote to validate uniqueness.

This method is used to ensure the maximum number of people can participate in voting with the minimal amount of barrier rather than forcing voters to register accounts as a means of tracking vote authenticity.

Public forums such as schools or libraries are unfortunately sometimes limited to using a single shared public IP address for all their computers and will only count as a single vote. Please be aware that the Trust Challenge web site is designed to be responsive to tablet and mobile devices and each such device typically also has a different unique IP address when used with 3G/4G/LTE internet access allowing a single person access to several IP addresses for voting through home, phone and work internet access. We leave it to the honor system that a voter votes only once. Should we discover abuse of the system in favor of a proposal, that proposal will likely be precluded from winning a People’s Choice Award.



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