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2010 DML Winners Showcase: '09 winner Playpower

The DML Winners Showcase was not about congratulating this year's 21st Century Learning Lab winners; it was also about continuing to build a community of innovative thinkers and designers who can continue to support and learn from each other well after the funding cycle ends. Towards that goal, the showcase event also included many of last year's DML winners, including Playpower, an exuberant trio of guys whose mission is to galvanize a global volunteer community around the development of an open game platform for ultra low-cost (~$10) computers that serve the "new, emerging middle class." One of the most poignant points they made was that if someone were to play their typewriting game and learn how to type, it could mean the difference between earning $1/day and $1/hour. Here are some short interviews I did with them. To learn more, visit their website:

Video summaries:

1) Introduction to Playpower

2) Distribution strategy (wouldn't it be nice if a Playpower educational game cartridge was bundled with each computer system?)

3) Achieving sound (pedagogical) game design

4) Is "8-bit" too much of a constraint?



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