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Electronic Literature@The MLA


I have created a meta-site to house the archives of the two exhibits of electronic literature that I have curated at the Modern Language Association conventions.  Here is an excerpt from and a link to it.




It is with great pleasure that Kathi and I welcome you to the "Electronic Literature @ The MLA.” This site presents the exhibits we have curated at the Modern Language Association annual convention for the last two years and provides a gateway to the archives we have developed for those events.


The two exhibits we have curated––”Electronic Literature” at the MLA 2012 in Seattle, WA and “Avenues of Access” at the MLA 2013 in Boston, MA were planned with very different purposes in mind.  “Electronic Literature,” which included Lori Emerson as co-curator, was the first exhibit of electronic literature ever mounted at the convention.  Because it would be the first, we envisioned our task as providing a general introduction to this literary art form and, so, selected works from a broad cross-section of born digital literary writing, both historic and current.  Read more...


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