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New Issue of LDR Is Out with Reviews of Interest to the DH

This month's Leonardo Reviews contains several reviews of books of interest to DH Scholars:

Cybertext Poetics: The Critical Landscape of New Media Literary Theory
by Markku Eskelinen
Reviewed by Jan Baetens, The Institute for Cultural Studies of the University of Leuven

The Oxford Handbook of Sound Studies
by Trevor Pinch and Karin Bijsterveld, Editors
Reviewed by John F. Barber, The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program

Virtuality and the Art of Exhibition: Curatorial Design for the Multimedial Museum
by Vince Dziekan
Reviewed by Dene Grigar, The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program

When Biometrics Fail: Gender, Race, and the Technology of Identity
by Shoshana Amielle Magnet
Reviewed By Hannah Drayson, University of Plymouth




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