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Reviewing Electronic Literature as Exhibition

I just returned from co-curating an exhibit of electronic literature at the recent Electronic Literature Organization 2012 conference and media art show hosted by Sandy Baldwin at WVU in Morgantown, WV.  Works by 55 artists were featured.  To see the archive of the event, go to    :

Following the show, Leonardo Flores––Associate Professor of English and Associate Dean of Assessment and Educational Technologies at the U of Puerto Rico and a very respected scholar-critic of electronic literature wrote of review of it entitled "The ELO 2012 Media Arts Show:  A Retrospect."  He writes:

"On the occasion of the Electronic Literature Organization 2012 conference––a biennial event that brings together some of the best scholars and artists in the field––curator Dene Grigar and co-curator (and conference chair) Sandy Baldwin put together a Media Arts Show worthy of the attention of the e-lit community and the rest of the world."  Continue reading  at:

Important for building a field is the credentialzing of scholarly activities––such as curating and engaging in the creation of the works for an exhibit.  And so, I want to acknowledge Prof. Flores' contribution.  I believe that it is the first review of an electronic literature exhibit.




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