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Impact Report for 2012 Artist in Residency Program


I am sharing this document in case others are looking for ways to substantiate the impact of projects they undertake and for which they receive donations.  I have used this model since my arrival at WSUV and found that it helps donors understand the importance of their assistance. With state support for Higher Ed vanishing and tuition rising at alarming rates, it is imperative that we who run academic units find ways to deliver educational experiences that help our students learn.  So, please feel free to borrow this information.  You are also welcome to contact me about how I have raised funds for my program.  --Dene Grigar


2012 CMDC Artist in Residence
Impact Report


Prepared by Dr. Dene Grigar, Director and Associate Professor
The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program, WSUV
For CougParents Fund


Brief Overview

This report provides information about the impact that the CougParents Fund had on the CMDC Program, WSUV, and Southwest Washington. 

In November 2011 the CMDC Program received $5250 to fund Canadian multimedia artist, Jackson 2Bears, for the program’s 2012 Artist in Residence Program (ARS).  Jackson’s residency included teaching multimedia performance in MUS 452 from March 27-April 28, 2012; performing in downtown Vancouver at North Bank Artists Gallery; and leading students in MUS 452 in a public performance.

We built a month-long exhibit and a series of performances, entitled “LOUD & Clear,” around Jackson 2Bears that was hosted at North Bank Artists Gallery from April 6-April 27.  Jackson performed on the opening night (April 6) and directed his students in two of the three following Friday night performances.  LOUD & Clear is the first student led gallery show ever offered in Vancouver and was curated by CMDC students Setareh Alizadeh and Nicole Buckner; I acted as faculty advisor.

Below is the media attention we received for events surrounding Jackson and ARS 2012, links to pertinent information about ARS 2012, additional events we built out of the project, and funding for these events we received that helped to enhance the students’ experience; and the numbers of people impacted by this support.


1.  Media

The Columbian newspaper

LOUD & Clear event: 
“Downtown Vancouver Galleries . . .”

“Negativland Co-Founder Will Speak”

The VanCoug:
Noise Music, by Cyndi Meyer, 2 Apr. 2012

From April 2-April 28, the CMDC Program’s Facebook site saw 286 “total likes” and reached 72,069 Friends of Fans.  Our weekly reach averaged 377 people.  We reached a total of 363 Friends with three different Posts on the CMDC Wall (“FB Insights”).


2.  Links

CMDC ARS 2012:
LOUD & Clear:

3.  Additional Events

Mark Hosler, Negativland, Public Lecture, April 27

4.  Additional Funding

$500, CMDC Faculty, for refreshments for four performances

$440, CMDC Program for printing, supplies, musical equipment rental

$1000, North Bank Artists Gallery, for space for events during the month

$700, ASWSUV, for Final Friday event, featuring Mark Hosler and Jackson 2Bears

$3000, ProCaliber, for additional funding needed for the CMDC Artists in Residency


5.  Numbers Impacted

  • 611.  The number of people who attended Jackson 2Bears’ performance at LOUD & Clear’s opening night launch (April 6). This attendance broke the previous record set at 480 for the gallery for any event it has offered.
  • 103.  The number of people in the audience for the student performance led by Jackson 2Bear’s on April 27.  The audience included parents of students, WSUV students, community members from Clark County and Portland, OR
  • 18.  The number of students taking MUS 452, taught by Jackson 2Bears.
  • 11.  The number of parents who came to experience their children’s work at the gallery during the performances.
  • 1.  The number of new majors to the CMDC Program.  This number reflects the audience member who liked the event they attended and so decided to come to WSUV and major in DTC.  He is transferring from Clark College.  He said he had never heard of our program until this event.


This was the first time the CMDC Program has requested support from the CougParents Fund.  We want to thank members of the organization for their support of our mission to get the great work of our students out into the community and raise the profile of WSU in the region. 


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