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Judy Malloy's Authoring Software New Post

Electronic Literature artist, Judy Malloy, who also authors the blog "Authoring Software" (aimed as Judy says, "A resource for teachers and students of new media writing, who are exploring what authoring tools to use, for new media writers and poets, who are interested in how their colleagues approach their work, and for readers, who want to understand how new media writers and poets create their work, the Authoring Software project is an ongoing collection of statements about authoring tools and software.") has posted the Impact Report from the MLA 2012 exhibit that Kathi Inman Berens, Lori Emerson, and I curated in January in Seattle.

I have written an introduction to the report that explains why curating the exhibit is an scholarly activity, why we designed the exhibit as we did, and how we arrived at particular choices relating to the artists shown at the exhibit.  

You can read the post here.


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