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New Edition of the CMDC Student Research Gallery

New Edition of the CMDC Student Research Gallery

The CMDC Student Research Gallery is a showcase for the exemplary work of CMDC students who have focused on the use of various forms of digital media to solve problems and create cultural artifacts that speak to the changing intersections between art, technology, and the humanities. Additionally, this work chronicles the development of the field of digital media, as well as the growth and direction of the CMDC Program. Remembering where we came from helps us to know what the potentials may be as we invent the future.

The theme for Exhibit 09 is "Digital Objects."  The projects in this issue demonstrate the innovation, the responsiveness to community and civic issues, and the range and of digital objects that are being produced in CMDC classes. Nicole Buckner used Google Maps to create a national multimedia map of Occupy Wall Street activity. Aaron Wintersong and Greg Philbrook created games that raise moral questions. Geoff Wallace's IMPACT created an Arduino sensor-based drumkit that acts as an interface to a multimedia performance. The Autovation team worked with Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) and Dick Hannah Dealerships to create a 3D simulation for a car exhibit. Students from The Mobile Tech Research Initiative (MTRI) worked together through four classes in the summer of 2011 to produce the first CMDC native iOS and Android app for Dick Hannah Dealerships.

As the CMDC program grows alongside the growth and impact of digital technology in all facets of daily life, we encourage students to find new aesthetic and meaningful forms that integrate media, and that engage users with a wider community.

Professor Will Luers of the CMDC program serves as the gallery's curator.


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