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Videos for Electronic Literature Exhibit at the MLA2012 Are on the Web

Videos for Electronic Literature Exhibit at the MLA2012 Are on the Web

It took me well over a month to get the video footage we took at the Readings and Performances ready and uploaded to YouTube.  Those of you who attended the MLA 2012 in Seattle, WA may remember that Lori Emerson, Kathi Inman Berens, and I curated the "Electronic Literature" exhibit.  We hosted, along with the exhibit, this evening of live performances (on Friday, January 6, 2012) at the Hugo House.  Several electronic literature artists read from their work to a standing room only crowd.  It was a terrific turnout for this first ground-breaking event highlighting electronic literature at the MLA.

Here is the URL to the YouTube channel that contains these three videos as well as many others produced by students in The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program for the exhibit.

The quality of these three videos from the live performance are purposely  produced as low-res so that they stream well from the web.  The first video begins with Lori welcoming everyone to the event.  She turns the microphone over to Jason Nelson who is Skyping in from Australia to announce the winners of the door prize he created for the event.  Part 2 begins with Margie Luesebrink reading from her new work; part 3, with Mark Marino.

Be sure to visit the archive of the works we exhibited at the show.  These videos will eventually find their way there.




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