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The CMDC Student Gallery of Works, Issue 8, "Remix," Is Launched

The CMDC Student Gallery of Works, Issue 8, "Remix," Is Launched


  • The Student Gallery, Issue 8,
  • Curatorial Statement: "Remix: the practice of appropriating pre-existing forms as source material and giving shape to something new," by Professor Will Luers, The Creative Media & Digital Culture Program, WSUV  

Remix, as a creative impulse, is as old as human culture, perhaps older if we consider mimicry in nature. In the production of digital and web objects, remix is unavoidable. Digital objects are made of code, a universal language that we link, copy and paste at a pace and on a scale never seen in human history. Remix culture is our culture.

The projects in Issue 8 of the Student Research Gallery come from three different CMDC classes. Most are from DTC 338 Remix Culture (Spring 2011), where students were exposed to remix art in various historical and contemporary forms of writing, music, visual art, and cinema. Concepts such as authorship, reproduction, fragmentation, simultaneity, collage, montage, juxtaposition, detournément and mash-up were the spring boards for students to develop their own practice-based research. Through short creative exercises, collaborative experiments and individual projects, students discover their own ways of generating new forms out of appropriated media.

The works featured in Issue 8 stand out because their authors pay attention to the unique materiality of their sources – let the materiality dictate the direction of the work – and because of the care in the design and execution of the final remix object.


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