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Electronic Literature Selected by Undergraduate Students for "Future Writers," MLA 2012 Electronic Literature Exhibit

Twelve projects by undergraduates from various universities across the US were selected for exhibit in the "Future Writers" section of the Electronic Literature Exhibit at the upcoming MLA 2012 conference.  Represented are Brown University, University of California San Diego, University of Colorado-Boulder, University of Mary Washington, University of Maryland-College Park, and Washington State University Vancouver.  These works will go online shortly after the conference ends, so if you cannot attend the MLA, you will be able to see all of the works at


Future Writers—Electronic Literature by Undergraduates from U.S. Universities—Works on Desktop

  • Katie Campbell, Washington State University Vancouver, "Circumstances"
  • Michael Hoffman, University of Colorado—Boulder,"Transfixions"
  • Claire Kwong, Brown University, "Distractions"
  • Mindy Lam, Univeristy of California San Diego, "Picking Petals"
  • Richard Montoya, University of Colorado—Boulder, "Vive la Bagatelle"
  • Greg Philbrook, Washington State University Vancouver, "Collection"
  • Sylvia Tomayko-Peters, Brown University, "Mapping"
  • Zehra Yousofi, University of Mary Washington, "No Country For Old Men

Electronic Literature by Undergraduates from U.S. Universities—Mobile Works


  • Hunter Crawford and Marguerete Strawn, Washington State University Vancouver, "Chandra and Selene"
  • Kirsten Petersen Nicole Anderson, Kevin Diep, Allison Gray, Tyler Lundfelt, &Page Schumacher, Dylan Symington, University of Maryland—College Park, "Blue Light"
  • Katherine Chen, Phillip Chow, Yasmin Kadry, Vicky Lai, & Kelsey Marotta, University of Maryland—College Park, "Glitch"
  • Josh White, University of Maryland, "Robohand"

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