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Invisible Seattle to be Featured at the MLA 2012 Electronic Literature Exhibit


Invisible Seattle: The Novel of Seattle, by Seattle
25 year anniversary 

In the early 1980s, The Invisibles, “literary workers,” dressed in white coveralls and white hard hats, set out to create a novel written by the people of Seattle.  The workers used interviews, questionnaires, and fill-in the blank forms to collect comments on the city.  The novel was constructed during the Bumbershoot Arts Festival, posting text on walls and using the “cyberno-ziggurat,” Sheherezade II, the “first of a new generation of literary computers,” a towering framework  of terminals where participants could contribute text . Versions of the novel included a print novel, radio production, and a text presented to the Mayor. 

© 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, Invisible Seattle

Version 1.0, The Database
Version 2.0, The Version of Four Days
Version 3.0, The Mayor’s Version, presented to Mayor Charles Royer, 1983
Version 3.5, The Radio Version, Broadcast on KUOW-FM, Seattle October 17-Nov 7, 1983
Version 4.0, The Illustrated Version
Version 5.0, The Visible Invisible, extracts, pub. By Function Press 1984Version 5.2 The True Text of Version 5.2 was published by Function Industries Press as Invisible Seatttle: The Novel of Seattle, by Seattle. 1987

The Invisibles: Jean Sherrard, Larry Stone,  Rob Wittig,  James Winchell, Philip Wohlstetter




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