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Leonardo Reviews October Issue


October's Reviews

Bach Jazz: Güher and Süher Pekinel Featuring the Jacques Loussier Trio
by Barrie Gavin, Hanno Rinke, et al., Directors
Reviewed by Richard Kade

Cutting Across Media: Appropriation Art, Interventionist Collage, and Copyright Law
by Kembrew McLeod & Rudolf Kuenzli, Editors
Reviewed by Rob Harle

Destroy All Monsters Magazine 1976-1979
by Destroy All Monsters
Reviewed by Mike Mosher

A Field Guide to a New Meta-Field: Bridging the Humanities -Neuroscience Divide
by Barbara Maria Stafford, Editor
Reviewed by Rob Harle

Green Light: Toward an Art of Evolution
by George Gessert
Reviewed by Craig Hilton

Institutional Critique: An Anthology of Artists' Writings
by Alexander Alberro and Blake Stimson, Editors
Reviewed by Amy Ione

Modern Gestures: Abraham Walkowitz Draws Isadora Duncan Dancing
by Ann Cooper Albright
Reviewed by Giovanna L. Costantini

by Mark Amerika
Reviewed by Jan Baetens

Transmission Arts: Artists & Airwaves
by Galen Joseph-Hunter, Penny Duff, and Maria Papadomanolaki, Editors
Reviewed by John F. Barber




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