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Preliminary List of Artists & Works at “Electronic Literature: An Exhibit of Born Digital Works” at the MLA 2012 Conference


“Electronic Literature:  An Exhibit of Born Digital Works”

at the Modern Language Association 2012 Conference

Seattle, WA

January 5-8, 2012

Curators:  Drs. Dene Grigar, Lori Emerson, and Kathi Berens



Preliminary List of over 150 Authors and Works exhibited.  Countries include US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Australia, France, Spain, Norway, and Sweden.  Additional acceptances are pending.


  1. The Electronic Literature Organization, ELC1 (collection of 59 authors and works)
  2. The Electronic Literature Organization, ELC2 (collection of 69 authors and works)
  3. Mark Amerika, “Immobilité”
  4. Kate Armstrong, “Ping”
  5. Marcus Bastos, “LAT 2346”
  6. Alan Bigelow, “When I Was President” and  “This is Not a Poem”
  7. Ian Bogost,  “A Slow Year: Game Poems”
  8. Andy Campbell, “The Flat”
  9. CFC Media Lab, “Murmur”
  10. MD Coverley, “Califia”
  11. David Theo Goldberg, & Stefka Hristova; design by Erik Loyer, “Blue Velvet”
  12. Jeremy Hight, “34 North 118 West”
  13. Jonathan Harris et al “Whale Hunt”
  14. David Jhave Johnson, “softies”
  15. Michael Joyce, “afternoon:  a story” and “On the Birthday
  16. Aya Karpinska, “Shadows Never Sleep”
  17. Deena Larsen,  “Marble Falls”
  18. Jason Lewis and Bruno Nadeau, “P.o.E.M.M”
  19. Erik Loyer, “Strange Rain,” and “Ruben and Lullaby”
  20. Lisa Lynch & Elena Razlogova; design by Eric Rodenbeck, “Guantanamobile”
  21. Mark Marino et al., “L.A. Flood Project”
  22. Nick Montfort, “Ad Verbum”
  23. Stuart Moulthrop, “Victory Garden”
  24. bpNichol, “First Screening”
  25. Joerg Piringer, "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" 
  26. Brian Stefans, “Suicide on a Plane”
  27. StephanieStrickland, “The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot”
  28. Christine Wilks, “Underbelly”
  29. Evan Young, “The Carrier”

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