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Upcoming Exhibit of Born Digital Works at the MLA 2012 conference

Lori Emerson, Kathi Berens, and I are co-curating a special exhibit of born digital literary works at the upcoming Modern Langauge Association 2012 conference in Seattle, Washington from January 5-8.  Entitled "Electronic Literature," the exhibit features over 100 works by artists experimenting with computers and computing devices for the production of multimodal poetry, fiction, interactive works, and locative and mobile works.  We believe that this will be the first literary art exhibit at the MLA, so the aim of the show is to introduce this type of work to Humanities scholars.  

Along with the show, the curators will produce a scholarly archival site where information will be made before, during, and after the event and will produce a mobile app that MLA participants can use on their smart phones and tablets for accessing information about the featured artists and works during the conference. 

Below is the list of authors who have already accepted invitations to show their works.  As invitations to exhibit works are accepted, we will append this list. 



Alan Bigelow, “When I Was President” and  “This is Not a Poem”

Ian Bogost,  “A Slow Year: Game Poems”

Andy Campbell, “The Flat”

MD Coverley, “Califia”

Electronic Literature Organization:  ELC 1 and ELC 2 (large collection of works by various artists)

David Theo Goldberg, & Stefka Hristova; design by Erik Loyer, “Blue Velvet”

Jonathan Harris et al “Whale Hunt”

David Jhave Johnson, “softies”

Deena Larsen,  “Marble Falls”

Lisa Lynch & Elena Razlogova; design by Eric Rodenbeck, Guantanamobile,

Nick Montfort, “Ad Verbum”

bpNichol, “First Screening”

Jaime Alejandro Rodriguez Ruiz, “Golpe de Gracia”

StephanieStrickland, “The Ballad of Sand and Harry Soot”

Christine Wilks, “Underbelly”



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