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Exploration of Voyant Tools

Exploration of Voyant Tools

Every morning I read a couple of articles from the New York Times in order to stay updated on news from around the world and stay cognitive of developing news. I like this news source because most of their articles are very informative and are structured in a simplistic manner.


From reading each article, it is clear that each reading tells more than one story. One being the actual information on the page and the other one being the information behind the structure of the text.


Whenever I read an article, I usually only want to know about the first story that it tells rather than the second one. Most readers only know about the first kind of story because many are not inclined to find what an article stands for through a different perspective of thinking.


The article that I analyzed is a solid read from the New York Times which details President Trump’s opinion on defending Japan.



In order to do this analysis, I used voyant tools. After running this program, it gave me a list of statistics and variations of data. From observing this data, it is clear that some words stuck out more than others. Words that got my attention were “Japan”, “China”, “Trump”, and “Commitment”.


Although these words were used quite a bit throughout this article, they stood out to me for one main reason. When looking at other articles from the New York Time in relation to President Trump, I usually see at least two of these words ever so often. It is really interesting to see trends from one article to another and I definitely will be using this tool to analyze what I write and check to see if I can discover any patterns in my writing to become a better writer.






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