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Social Media on Social Movement

Social Media on Social Movement

Throughout history, social change has come in the form of protests and advocates leading followers. In today's social climate, protests still occur, but social media has given reformers the opportunity to gain a lot of support and make change.


Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are three of the largest social media platforms in the world. Together they host billions of users. When these site were all first introduced, it was clear that each website had the main purpose of improving communication between individuals.


Facebook's initial platform had the goal of connecting people with one another through an account where people can post pictures and statuses about their everyday lives. Instagram attempted to draw users to a photo driven community based around taking photos of the user's interest. Twitter attempted to establish a microblogging platform in which users were able to share their thoughts and interest through short daily posts.


Social media is heavily used by the youth. More than 43% of the world's population is 25 years old or younger. Many of the people who fall within this demographic are influenced by what they see on these social networking sites and are partly educated by some of the information presented to them on these platforms.


One of the largest movements that has grown through the use of social media is Black Lives Matter. Many people across the world know what this organization stands for and people from all demographics seem to have some knowledge of the goals of this group due to the large growth and voice this movement has had on these social platforms.


This movement was jumpstarted by the use of social media and has empowered people across the nation. People of all races have joined this cause in order to push for equality in society and less racial discrimination. It is clear that social change has come out of this because at local levels in the government officials have spoken up expressing that they to are apart of this movement and want fair treatment for all races.


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