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National Bookmobile Day: Aggregation Edition

National Bookmobile Day: Aggregation Edition

So, I'm slipping in under the wire to wish everyone a happy National Bookmobile Day! To celebrate, I thought I'd aggregate some (just some!) of my posts about bookmobiles from my other blog,

  • In this post, I discussed a recent NPR story about the end of bookmobile service in one Vermont town, using the moment to reflect a bit on the history of the bookmobile as well as its potential, if seemingly dwindling, futures.
  • Here, I looked at the unexpected emergence of an "OWS Bookmobile" in the aftermath of the NYPD raid on Zucotti Park.
  • Inspired by the logo design of the OWS Bookmobile, I also examined the "Library in Action," a late-1960s Bronx, NY, program aimed to bring books to teenagers of color in underserved neighborhoods. I found both promising and potentially troubling aspects in the case.
  • Here, I offered a glimpse at (and quick reading of) a Cold War-era advertisement for Gerstenslager, a major bookmobile manufacturer.
  • This was a post about what happens when a former German POW and his dachshund visit a U.S. Information Agency bookmobile in West Germany. It contains an amazing photo depicting the meeting of man, dog, and bookmobile.
  • Here are my brief thoughts about how a bookmobile can become a "weapon of mass instruction" in the shadow of Argentina's "disappearances."
  • I also have two posts up about zine bookmobiles, featuring two different and fascinating projects.
  • This video remains a hilariously charming illustration of just how exciting bookmobiles can still seem.
  • This is not a hugely thinking-heavy post, nor is it strictly of a bookmobile, but my goodness is that an awesome pro-reading Chevy truck!

And I'll close with a favorite bookmobile image, of patrons visiting a WPA bookmobile in Bayou La Farge, Louisiana, during the New Deal:


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