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Celebrating Radical Bookstores

This is just a short post to celebrate independent, radical bookstores and community centers. Heres a picture of the Lucy Parsons Center in Bostons South End. Its a fantastic place, with very interesting collections and an important role in the community.

The Parsons Centerlike Left Bank Books in Seattle, Women and Children First in Chicago, the Rainbow Bookstore Cooperative and A Room of Ones Own in Madison, the Little Hamilton Collective store in Nashvilleis both a mechanism for distributing print artifacts (many of which would not find their way onto the shelves of corporate/mainstream bookstores) and art, but it is also and more broadly an important claim for the power of radical thought and cooperative space in our communities. Like the best public libraries, these bookstores are evidence of the deeply material contexts that link information, politics, and belonging in our lives.

So what's your favorite alternative bookstore?

[a version of this was co-posted at bookmobility.]


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