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Happy National Bookmobile Day!

As you might imagine, every day is bookmobile day for me. (But its certainly nice to have everyone else agree for once.)

The internet, and my files, abound with many awesome pictures of bookmobiles. They are pretty photogenic, after all, somehow managing to look both stately and goofy at the same time.

But for this years National Bookmobile Day, I want to show you a slightly different image. This is a map of the bookmobile route in Williamsburg, South Carolina, drawn in 1938 by a child at a small school served by the mobile library. I found it in the Lend a Hand Society records at the fantastic Massachusetts Historical Society, where I spent some time thanks to a Twentieth-Century History Fellowship.

One reason to appreciate this image is that, especially for the first few decades of the bookmobiles existence, there arent too many documents that offer a users view of its operation. Another reason is that its just damn cool. Just one more reason to love archives!

(Also, bookmobile route maps have a bunch of strange but fascinating implications. Ill have a whole section of my dissertation that deals with route maps, so I dont want to let the cat out of the bag too soon.)

So enjoy!

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