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Attend a DHSI Training Workshop (even if you have to beg, borrow or steal)

Renewed, optimistic and fearless encapsulate how I feel after attending the DHatGuelph Summer Workshop.  As a DH newbie, I signed up for You've Got Data!: Introduction to Data Wrangling for Digital Humanities Projects led by @paigecmorgan. Paige skillfully and patiently introduced us to Viewshare, Google Fusion Tables and Scalar.  Through her creative group activities, she encouraged us to rethink relationships between data and how to categorize sources.  Learning about data curation was great, but Paige's advice on being a good DH citizen was invaluable. Inevitably, it takes both a great teacher and enthusiastic students to produce an amazing class. I must thank my classmates for being so generous with their time and knowledge. Their wit, humor and brilliance made my first workshop a fantastic experience.  I now feel like a member of the DH community. My advice to any DH newbie is to "beg, borrow or steal" if necessary to attend a DH training workshop! A little over dramatic? I agree. DHSI scholarships are available, no need to resort to criminal activity. Cheers.


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