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Create and Manage Groups on HASTAC

Create and Manage Groups - Modified HASTAC Logo Banner Image

Create  a Group

A HASTAC Group provides our members the opportunity to create and join a sub-section of the community where they can collectively share and curate their content. Groups can be public or private, and the content shared therein can be set by the individual author to either abide by the privacy settings of the group itself or to override group settings and appear outside the confines of the group (i.e. elsewhere on the HASTAC site).

Create the Group (Post Content):

From the site-wide post content button (on the upper-right of most HASTAC pages) click “Post Content” and then select “Group.”
 On the Group creation / edit page that appears, enter the following fields. (Some are required, others are not. Required fields are indicated with a asterisk *)


Enter a title here for the Group's name.

Featured Image:

Not required but highly recommended. Images increase interest and engagement, both on site and off. Use this field to add a primary group image. This will display at the very top 
of the group and in the group's "teaser" views throughout the site. Images that are wider than they are tall work best on HASTAC. (Recommended Image Size: 725 x 300px.)

Alternate image text

This is optional but is very important for accessibility, assisting those who my not be able to see details on screen. This text will be used by screen readers to assist in presenting accessible content, as key words by search engines, and will be presented whenever the image simply cannot be loaded.


Select the appropriate Topics that the Group will be associated with from the provided drop down. Once the main topic is selected, it will be beneficial (but not required) select relevant subtopics that relate to the content as well.


In this field, enter in the Tags that you would like to associate with the group. Please use single words or short phases. Pre-existing tags will hint and auto-fill as you type.

Short Description:

Here you will provide a plain-text 150 character short description of the newly created group. This is used on content teasers site wide. Please replace the existing example text if you see any; if present it will say "Please add a short Group description or mission statement here." If you do not replace this text, it will appear as your group's teaser description.

About this Group:

In this section you will enter in the main body content describing the group
using the familiar WYSIWYG editor. Please replace the existing example text if you see any; if present it will say "Please add a more complete Group description or mission statement here." If you do not replace this text, it will appear as your group's main description.

Manage a Group

Group Settings:

Here you can adjust permissions of the newly created group, as well as determining who can view and also join the group. These settings are critical to an important function provided by Groups on HASTAC: privacy.

The first aspect of this is the Privacy setting under Group visibility options, which determine whether the group can be seen or found by non-members. Private groups and their content are invisible and unsearchable on HASTAC (except in cases where the individual content author chooses to make a certain piece of content visible outside the group it's displayed within).

Group visibility options --

Public - accessible to all site users
Private - accessible only to group members

Once you have created the group, you can manage group permissions by clicking on the "Group" button at the top of the group page. To adjust group subscription (joining) settings, be sure "Group roles and permissions" is set to override when creating the group (this is the default) and, after creating the group, adjust the relevant settings under "Permissions" by clicking the "Group" button on the new group's page.

Available settings under the Group button:

Add people: Add group members.
Invite Users: Invited users will be added to the group as pending members and will be notified to choose if they accept or not.
People: Manage the group members.
Permissions: Manage the group permissions. *
Roles: Manage the group roles.

* Using Permissions you may set the following parameters:
Who may invite users to the group, who may subscribe to (join) the group, and how (with or without group admin approvals required).


You may use this drop down selector to feature any post currently contained within your group at a "Featured Post" causing it to be displayed prominently at the top of the group page. Please note that due to the size of HASTAC, the site caches most display data for a period of time to improve performance. Changes to dynamically rendered displays, such as adding or updating Featured Posts, may not appear until the next cache refresh. This can be up to an hour after publishing your changes.

Post / Publish:

Be sure to click the “Publish” button upon finishing the Group creation to post the content to the 
site or hit the "Save" button to save a draft to your profile for later editing and publication.


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