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Easy Video Embedding on HASTAC - Learn How!

Easy Video Embedding on HASTAC - Learn How!

Video Embedding is Back on HASTAC

As you may or may not recall, for a time during the Drupal 6 years, the HASTAC site variously offered users the ability to attach, link to, and/or embed videos in posts. However, with security concerns on the rise and a new site being planned at the time, the features that supported video were stripped out to lock down some potentially dangerous loose ends in code and to help create a leaner system. During the first year of the new HASTAC site being live, we've done a great many critical fixes and tweaks, leading us to the point where we can finally start to reinstate more secure versions of previous features, like video embedding.

Skip right past the rest of this text to an overview of how to embed video on HASTAC.

In this particular case, we've researched which of the many available tools was best suited to our site's current set-up and the way our members tend to use our features. From there we were able to chose a module that's safe, easy to use, and covers a wide array of off-site streaming video services, such as YouTube, Vimeo, TED, and many others. This tool will now allow HASTAC members to safely and easily drop video embeds inline, within the text editor, so their video assets are in-context with their text-based content and vice versa. This works much like the insert-images tool already in use on HASTAC. We hope you enjoy it this added feature and its creative flexibility.

A few people have asked why

A few people have asked why we bothered hunting and pecking for the just the right video embed module. Anyone can click a link to YouTube. It's not that hard. And HASTAC users can even set up their links to open in new windows. Why does video need to play right in the framework of the site? To me, especially given the role that I have here at HASTAC, it's mostly about a) what our members want and have asked for and b) increasing engagement, interest, appeal to the users. Ultimately that means not just our members, but the many thousands of readers who search for or stumble our amazing content. Often they just want to just use the site for a moment—to read something intriguing that's been posted here—but we want them to stay. To share. To join. To contribute. A big part of how we make that appeal is by offering the common utilities that the Big Players have (which people often take for granted). And frankly, we simply don't have enough video on site—mostly because it's been a burden to post. This is not deal, especially given what our work is about, and one way we can be better is by making it making it easy to do.

When inspiration strikes or collaboration happens we hope that HASTAC can, in some way, be a part of that moment. And we want those moments to happen on site as much as possible. And, with that in mind, if there are other requests for features or tools that you feel would strengthen our community's collective presence online, please let us know. Just use our feedback and ideas page. And don't forget to read on to learn how to embed video on HASTAC.




Using the video embedding functionality on HASTAC:

This feature update applies to all standard user content types: Blog post, Opportunity or Event, Group, Organization, and Wiki.

The embed video module ships with a Video Filter button that has been integrated into our WYSIWYG editor. This brief tutorial will show you how to use the button to place video(s) into your posts.

  • Click the "Post Content" button to compose new HASTAC content, just as you normally would.
  • Click on the "Video filter" button next to the image button in the top row of the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Fill out the video embed form (the only required field is the video's URL) then click "Insert."
  • Note that the integration of video into the WYSIWYG editor does not function in the same way as images integration. For example, you will not see a preview of the video, but rather an object reference "token" in the text editing area.
  • Once you insert your video and see the token you may continue writing text or adding other videos or images as you please. There is no formal limit to the number of multimedia objects you can embed.
  • To save any changes you've made along the way, press the button marked "Save as Draft" or "Save."
    • Tip: To safeguard edits, be sure to save before exiting the page or closing your browser.
  • You may continue editing and saving as needed until you're ready to publish your work for all to see on HASTAC. To do so hit the "Publish" button.

The video embed tools is a quick and simple solution for embedding videos into your HASTAC posts, allowing our members and other users to benefit from embedded videos without compromising site security.


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