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Visible page view counts are back on HASTAC - read why

Visible page view counts are back on HASTAC - read why

This is just a quick note to the community to announce that page views are back by popular demand on HASTAC. You won't be seeing the complete numbers immediately, though. We ask for your patience with that. Our developers have noted that it will take time for the complete numbers to propagate from Google, especially for older posts with historical view counts.

This is important to the community and we're thrilled to have it done before the new year. On the prior HASTAC site, many of you had come to rely upon the page view metric as an indication of general interest in your posts. For those of you who got exposure in media outside of the HASTAC community, page views were a great way to see some of the immediate and long-term impacts of that exposure. We've certainly fielded more than a few support requests from folks who were sad to see page views lost from the old site last Spring (due to outmoded code) and not yet available on this new site (for prioritization and timing reasons).

Page views themselves, while considered outdated (hokey, even) as metrics go, are of particular import for HASTAC members who post on the site. This is because over two-thirds of visitors to our site are either anonymous users or members who are logged out. These reader-visitors cannot take advantage of commenting without first signing in or signing up.

And, because user time and attention are a form of currency which many are unwilling to part with, this scenario can be particularly frustrating, especially if we're relying on comments alone to indicate engagement or interest. In fact, part of the reason we instituted public up-voting on the new site was to bridge the gap between page views, which represent no engagement other than viewership, and comments, which require a level of effort and commitment (especially from non-members) that many are unwilling to pursue.

With the completion of page views on this new iteration of HASTAC, we can now offer the community the full gamut of feedback on readership, engagement, and community interest with: HASTAC Picks, Trending Posts, comments, up-votes, page views, and user points.

Please note, the page views toolset we use is new and is being run as a live-beta so we can get this data it provides into the hands of the community as soon as possible. We rely on both Google Analytics and the Drupal community a great deal in terms of making this work. It is possible there will be issues that are outside of our direct control so we encourage you to contact us if you run into any issues or concerns:


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