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Our search module is retiring. Please stand by as we welcome back our search module.

Even zeros and ones can show their age sometimes. 

Our current, quite robust, and generally very healthy search module has been scheduled for retirement as of this weekend. Nothing's really wrong - it still searches and returns results quite well - but in the interest of security and stability, we're going to send it off for a stroll into the version control history books of our beloved Drupal install. These things never quite die, though. Rather, they are amended, corrected, improved, enhanced, and returned to service. So, quite soon, there will be a rejuvenated and refreshed version of that very same search module serving up results right there at the upper-right of this screen. We hope, though, that you won't see anything of note there at all. We hope that the life, retirement, and rebirth of the modules on this site happen seamlessly and entirely without anyone taking notice. 

That being said, this is open source. This is Drupal. And sometimes these things go just a little bit sideways before they move ahead. That's the beauty of this platform and the community who developed it. It's the sometimes ugly and sometimes elegant reality of open tools and evolving platforms. But we're OK with that. And I'll go out on a limb here and say that you, the community members who dwell here, and spend time in our little corner of the web, know and understand how these things go as well. 

Still, there can be frustration, aggravation, and disappointment when a tool won't work the way you expect, when it returns these ten results today and a different ten on the following day. We certainly hope you don't see a single glitch, that not a single less-than-ideal output is returned when you search your favorite topic. But, if you do, please know that we are working on improving it. We are working to make things better than they were just a few days ago, even if it does means a few small bumps along that way.

And of course, if you need help, all you have to do is ask. We're always happy to step in and lend a hand.


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